Welcome People Clicking On Links!

I am excited to see that you are taking an interest to the extent of learning more about what is going on here. Were the posts that good? Say yes!

The above picture is my muse, a random child in Prague who is setting the groundwork for a future of exciting picture tourism. Just look at that stance!

The story: There was a simple and frustrating motivation for making this site. After finally becoming enough of an adult to travel the world and see amazing places, I started increasingly becoming annoyed with the volume of other people at the same amazing, breath taking, historical places, not there to enjoy the scene, but there to take a picture, mostly of themselves standing near…the thing. And now you know where the name comes from! It started as a joke to my friends, “I am just going to start taking pictures of the people taking pictures of things in these places”, and now here we are.

Please enjoy, laugh, reminisce, and share any thoughts or stories of your own!